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FIXED Build Error

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Jul 25, 2014 at 7:05 PM
I get 5 errors saying the same thing:
Error 1 Source file '............_AssemblyInfo\AssemblyInfo.General.cs' could not be found C:\Users\sandy\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\\Source\Code\CannedBytes.Midi\CSC CannedBytes.Midi

This occurs at different folders/projects.
Aug 4, 2014 at 7:53 AM

There are some files, like the general assembly info and the key file, that are referenced in the projects, but not checked in into source control. I have done this to make a clear distinction between official releases made by me (signed with my private key file) and user-build binaries (build by you). This is important for the license.

So you can remove the assembly info and key files from the projects and it should build fine. -or- you can download the binaries.

Hope it helps,
Oct 13, 2016 at 9:20 PM
Beginner programmer, Win 10, VS 2015 Community. Followed your "Build the Source Code" page. Loaded the .sln file into VS. Ignored the warnings about binding with some server about something. Removed all of the AssemblyInfo.General.cs files I could find. Unchecked "Sign the Assembly" in each project's properties. Instructed VS to "rebuild".

Got many warnings, but specifically one error:

Severity Code Description Project File Line
Error Source file 'C:\Users\Paul\Desktop\\Source\Code\CannedBytes.Midi.Components............_AssemblyInfo\AssemblyInfo.General.cs' could not be found. CannedBytes.Midi.Components C:\Users\Paul\Desktop\\Source\Code\CannedBytes.Midi.Components\CSC

I'm clueless as to how to proceed. Comments?

Oct 13, 2016 at 10:52 PM
Also, where exactly do the Samples live, please? I d/l'ed, and sure it has a .._Packages\Samples\ folder, but the folder is empty.
Oct 14, 2016 at 7:43 AM
The bindings warning you get is about the link to the codeplex TFS source code control system - they can be removed.

You do not need to remove all AssemblyInfo.cs files.
Looks like you've still got a reference to the AssemblyInfo.General.cs file - you can remove that.

When the solution is loaded, you should see exclamation marks (in yellow triangles) that indiacte that a file is in the project definition but not on disk. You only have to remove those.

Unchecking the "Sign the Assembly" option is correct.

Samples can be found (on this site) under the "Source Code" tab (top navigation). Open de tree on the left (it says 'Source') and you'll see 'Samples' at the bottom. You can download that (as a zip) and open the solution file in VS.

Let me know if this is enough info for you.
Hope it helps.
Oct 14, 2016 at 10:34 PM
I just responded, but I think I may have lost the response before posting.

So yes, your advice helped. Can now build everything.

My mission at the moment? To algorithmically compose trios or quartets and save them to the hard drive to be played by a midi player. Despite being a horrendous programmer who struggles to read C# code and understand .net-isms, I actually have managed over many months to scrape some C# together that does indeed compose to a list of note events or, alternatively, to multiple lists, each containing a track of events.

So now I need to figure out how to use your write-a-MIDI-file code to receive my lists. Tweaking my lists to give your code what it wants to consume, should be easy. Understanding your code so that I can focus solely on the "writing", rather than the "reading", calls and data structures, is a challenge for me.

Much appreciate all of your effort and generosity here, and well understand that you can't write the darned thing for me. But now that you know what I'm up to, if you have even a word or two of comment, I'd welcome it.

Thanks, Marc. And forgive me if this is the second time I've posted the same idea, and feel free to delete one or the other, but I can't find any evidence that I successfully posted the first.
Oct 15, 2016 at 6:43 AM
Good to hear you are up and running. Please feel free to post (in a new post) any questions or problems you have. One piece of 'advice' for you is to look how to write a sequencer. You have to output each note in that list at the right time.
Oct 15, 2016 at 11:04 AM
Yep. Already have both delta and absolute time available in my list of events, although I may have to convert units as I come to better understand what your SMF-writing code wants from me.