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MIDI notes

first post: Perry68 wrote: I want to create a VST that observes the MIDI notes being played li...

latest post: obiwanjacobi wrote: Some multi-client drivers allow multiple connections at the same ti...

need help with chains?

first post: RobertBeach00 wrote: I am trying to expand the MidiNoteMapper sample app to handle compl...

latest post: obiwanjacobi wrote: The "IMidiReceiverChain" is an old name for what is now IChainOf. T...

How to send a program change message?

first post: RobertBeach00 wrote: Can you help by telling me if I have this right (or at least am on ...

latest post: obiwanjacobi wrote: Yes. The MidiData struct just helps you shuffling the parts of a sh...

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