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Creating Chords

first post: everlast88az wrote: I am using the MidiData object to construct the note value, but how...

latest post: obiwanjacobi wrote: Each note in the chord is a separate object all with (almost) the s...

exporting list of MidiData into actual midi file

first post: lokxy wrote: Hi, I am trying to use your library to generate random sequence of ...

latest post: obiwanjacobi wrote: If you create MidiMessages for each MidiData value (using the Canne...

Any sample code snippet of recording MIDI using CannedBytes.Midi.RecordToFile?

first post: hirosht wrote: I am an undergratuate student who is making a basic OMR application...

latest post: obiwanjacobi wrote: Hi, That should not be hard. You need the note number (0-127) whic...

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