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Build the Source Code

The source code confirms to Code Analysis and StyleCop rules sets. It also uses Code Contracts.

Note: skip right to Build the Samples if you are only interested in working with the sample code.


  • Make sure you have Visual Studio 2010 or higher. The free Express edition (C#) should work fine.
  • Download the Source folder - the root folder for all sources. This will get you the sources to MIDI.NET and the Sample applications as well as the _SharedAssemblies - dependencies MIDI.NET relies on.
  • Optional: Install Code Contracts. This will not work for the Visual Studio Express edition.


Note you do not need to build the MIDI.NET code in order to work with it. Download the binaries from the Download page.
  • Open the Source/Code/CannedBytes.MIDI.NET.sln solution file in Visual Studio.
  • Visit each project and remove the AssemblyInfo.General.cs files from each projects Properties folder.
  • Also make sure that Signing is off in the Project Property page (Alt-Enter).
  • Rebuild the entire solution. You should have no errors and have output in the _SharedAssemblies folder.

Build the Samples

You should have a full set of MIDI.NET assemblies in the _SharedAssemblies folder befor you start. Download them from the Download page or build them using the instructions above.
  • Open the Source/Code/CannedBytes.MIDI.NET.Samples.sln solution file in Visual Studio.
  • Rebuild the entire solution. You should have no errors.

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